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Statement on the resolution of an incident at Johns Hopkins Hospital

September 16, 2010
CONTACT: Dennis O’Shea
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President Ronald J. Daniels sent a broadcast e-mail message to students, faculty and staff at the Johns Hopkins University on Thursday, Sept. 16, announcing the resolution of an incident that day at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Here is the text of that message.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Thankfully, the incident today at The Johns Hopkins Hospital has ended. As most of you know already, a gunman shot and wounded a faculty physician late this morning on the eighth floor of the hospital’s Nelson Building. For several hours, the gunman was isolated by police in a patient room. Police now have told the news media that the gunman has fatally shot himself and, tragically, a relative of his who was a patient.

I want to thank all of the university employees in East Baltimore and all of our colleagues at the hospital for their response to this terrible event.

Those who were directly involved did what they needed to do, calmly and ably. Those who were not directly involved kept on doing what they are there to do: The hospital remained in operation. Patients were taken care of. Faculty taught, students learned, staff did their critical work in support of the Johns Hopkins mission. I am grateful to you all.

I especially want to thank Baltimore’s police, led by Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, for a rapid and very professional response that unquestionably prevented the situation from becoming even worse. Their actions protected patients, visitors and employees in the hospital, and we are most appreciative.

The faculty physician who was wounded at the beginning of this episode is being well cared for at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Privacy and confidentiality policies prohibit us from giving further details at this time. I know, however, that the thoughts and prayers of all of us at Johns Hopkins are with our colleague.

More details of what has occurred today will be released by police later this afternoon. Johns Hopkins Medicine will be updating its staff afterwards and we will make sure that information is available to the entire university community at http://webapps.jhu.edu/emergencynotices


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