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This section contains regularly updated highlights of the news from around The Johns Hopkins University. Links to the complete news reports from the nine schools, the Applied Physics Laboratory and other centers and institutes are to the left, as are links to help news media contact the Johns Hopkins communications offices.


MEDIA ADVISORY: Asteroid flyby on Friday, Feb. 15

As asteroid 2012 DA14 squeaks by Earth, professors at The Johns Hopkins University are available to discuss what we can do to prepare for – or even prevent – such close encounters in the future.

Johns Hopkins Launches $90 Million Institute to Study ‘Extreme Events’ and Help Develop Better Protective Materials for the Army

The Johns Hopkins University has won an award worth up to $90 million from the U.S. Army to tap the expertise of the nation’s top academic researchers to help the Army develop new lightweight materials to better protect soldiers and vehicles. Toward this goal, Johns Hopkins is forming a new institute where researchers will try to understand precisely what happens when impacts on materials result in “extreme dynamic environments.”

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