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Johns Hopkins Names Employment Lawyer Vice Provost for Institutional Equity

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July 20, 2010
MEDIA CONTACT: Tracey A. Reeves

Caroline Laguerre-Brown, who for the past four years has worked to strengthen fairness, inclusion and diversity guidelines, programs and initiatives at The Johns Hopkins University, has been named vice provost for institutional equity.

Laguerre-Brown, formerly associate vice provost for institutional equity, succeeds Ray Gillian, who retired last month. Her appointment was effective July 1.

Caroline Laguerre-Brown/Photo by Will Kirk

Caroline Laguerre-Brown/Photo by Will Kirk

Provost Lloyd B. Minor described Laguerre-Brown as an extraordinary leader who has the ability to think through complex issues, work effectively with colleagues and clearly articulate appropriate solutions.

“Caroline’s appointment as vice provost for institutional equity reflects her accomplishments here and her commitment to the university,” said Minor, in announcing Laguerre-Brown’s appointment. “In her new leadership role, we expect the university to continue to stand out as one that is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.”

The vice provost for institutional equity is responsible for providing oversight for the Office of Institutional Equity and for working effectively with other Johns Hopkins leaders to enhance the university’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The office ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws related to affirmative action, equal opportunity and disability issues. It also is responsible for investigating discrimination and sexual harassment complaints; provides training in sexual harassment, discrimination and disability issues; fosters campus diversity initiatives; and oversees the implementation of policies, procedures and services as they relate to federal disability laws.

“I am honored to be tasked with building on the good work of my predecessor, Ray Gillian, and will work hard to ensure that the Office of Institutional Equity continues to provide a wide range of equal opportunity compliance services,” Laguerre-Brown said. “I am also really excited about creating robust partnerships with leadership, faculty, staff and students to fulfill JHU’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Since arriving at Johns Hopkins in 2005, Laguerre-Brown has increased Equity Compliance and Education’s activity, visibility and relevance across Johns Hopkins through training and enhanced complaint processing, Minor said. During that period she has provided educational programs for more than 5,000 participants. Additionally, she has worked collaboratively with human resources executives, deans and the Office of the General Counsel on important matters concerning equal opportunity and diversity.

Laguerre-Brown, an attorney with an extensive background in employment law, is a graduate of the State University of New York, Binghamton and the University of Virginia School of Law. She previously served as labor and employment defense counsel for the New York Transit Authority and as assistant director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office for the Fire Department of New York. She also has served as staff counsel to the Equal Employment Advisory Council in Washington, D.C.


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