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Sheridan Libraries Receive $1.054 M Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

901 S. Bond St., Suite 540
Baltimore, Maryland 21231
July 21, 2011
MEDIA CONTACT: Brian Shields

The Sheridan Libraries have been awarded a $1.054 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to renew the Heritage Science for Conservation (HSC) Project. The project, which serves as a bridge between the art and science of conservation, is based in the Libraries’ Department of Conservation and Preservation and is run in close collaboration with the Whiting School of Engineering.

“This is wonderful news, and we are extremely grateful to the Mellon Foundation for their belief in our work and their generous support,” said Sonja Jordan-Mowery, Joseph Ruzicka and Marie Ruzicka Feldman Director for Conservation and Preservation. “We have quickly established ourselves as a center of innovation, and I am excited about the opportunity to deepen our partnerships across Johns Hopkins and with conservation scientists and conservators around the world.”

Launched as a pilot program in 2009 with Mellon support, HSC provides opportunities for research fellows to collaborate with faculty and students in the Whiting School’s Department of Materials Science, the Johns Hopkins Museums, area institutions, and the Canadian Conservation Institute. The investigations emphasize research relevant to materials in libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage organizations. Collaboration with conservators ensures that discoveries from the researcher’s lab can be quickly translated and applied by conservators.

“The Mellon Foundation’s grant affirms the very valuable contributions the Heritage Science for Conservation Project has already made, both in advancing the science of conservation and in fostering collaboration across disciplines,” said Winston Tabb, Sheridan Dean of University Libraries and Museums. “This kind of work and these partnerships are critical, even in our digital age, for ensuring that our collections are preserved for future generations.”

In addition to enhancing dialogue between conservators and heritage scientists in the United States, the HSC team has begun international outreach, including presentations on the project and research findings in South Korea and Canada. This past spring, HSC hosted a conference with Glatfelter Paper, a leading paper manufacturer, on paper performance and permanence. For the next five years, members of HSC will explore issues related to book and paper with particular focus on copper corrosion, paper strengthening, and the role of lignin in paper permanence.

The Sheridan Libraries encompass the Milton S. Eisenhower Library and its collections at the Albert D. Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman Hall, the John Work Garrett Library at Evergreen Museum & Library, the George Peabody Library at Mt. Vernon Place, and the DC Regional Libraries. Together these collections provide the major research library resources for Johns Hopkins University. The mission of the Sheridan Libraries is to advance research and teaching by providing information resources, instruction, and services. The libraries were rededicated in 1998 to reflect the extraordinary generosity of Mr. and Mrs. R. Champlin Sheridan.


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