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Master’s in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

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October 19, 2011
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The Johns Hopkins University is now accepting applications for the Master’s in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (MBEE) – a unique graduate degree launching in spring 2012 that is grounded in the life sciences, but intended for biotechnology professionals working outside the research setting to commercialize biotechnology products.

“This highly targeted, applied professional degree will develop students capable of working in mid- to senior-level positions who understand science and who are also skilled in the complexities of biotechnology commercialization,” said Lynn Johnson Langer, director of Johns Hopkins’s Biotechnology Enterprise and Regulatory Affairs programs. “We’re looking to prepare the next generation of life science professionals by bringing together a strong science foundation with biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship.”

Biotechnology companies need trained professionals in the field of biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship to fully commercialize the vast number of products from the research heavy industry. Graduates will have the knowledge to comply with federal and state regulatory statutes for the development, approval, and commercialization of drugs, biologics, foods and medical devices.

The MBEE leverages the best enterprise and regulatory components of the existing graduate programs in the Johns Hopkins Center for Biotechnology Education. The degree allows working professionals, who need weekend, evening and online courses, to fit their educational ambitions into their professional careers. This degree will be offered online, at the Montgomery County Campus, and at the Homewood campus in Baltimore.

The biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship degree consists of 10 graduate courses, including a final practicum course to gain real-world experience. Although not required, students may choose a concentration in Legal/Regulatory, or Marketing and Communications, and must complete three courses in that concentration area.

For inquiries or further information regarding the Master’s in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, please contact Jamie Austin, Program Coordinator for Biotechnology Enterprise and Bioscience Regulatory Affairs programs at 301-448-9671 or jausti12@jhu.edu.


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