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Advisory: JHU Experts Can Discuss Race, Political movements, Inequality

Aug. 17, 2017
CONTACT: Jill Rosen
Office: 443-997-9906
Cell: 443-547-8805
jrosen@jhu.edu @JHUmediareps

The following Johns Hopkins University experts — political scientists, economists, historians and sociologists — are available for interviews on topics of race, inequality and political movements:

Lester Spence, associate professor of political science: Black politics, Black Lives Matter, race and politics, urban policy. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/lester-spence/

Nathan Connolly, Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History: Racism, Jim Crow, civil rights, urban and suburban history, presidential history. http://history.jhu.edu/directory/nathan-connolly/

Vesla Weaver, associate professor of political science: racial inequality, political causes and consequences of the growth of the U.S. criminal justice system. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/vesla-weaver/

Steven Teles, associate professor: Conservative movement, general politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/steven-teles/

Daniel Schlozman, assistant professor of political science: American party politics, Christian right, general politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/daniel-schlozman/

Adam Sheingate, associate professor of political science: social policy, the presidency, American politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/adam-sheingate/

Andrew Cherlin, Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor of Public Policy: the American family, working-class America, demography, social policy. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/andrew-j-cherlin/

Kathryn Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of sociology: poverty, inequality, social policy. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/kathryn-edin/

Stephen L. Morgan, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of sociology: Inequality, voter identity trends, Ferguson Effect. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/stephen-l-morgan/

To reach these experts, please contact Jill Rosen at 443-997-9906, (cell) 443-547-8805 or jrosen@jhu.edu


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