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Science and Health News Tips from Johns Hopkins

September 21, 2017
MEDIA CONTACTS: See contact listed with each news tip

Science and Health News Tips from Johns Hopkins

These news tips come from stories in the fall 2017 issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine:

A different kettle of fish
Some people come up with great ideas while fishing. Johns Hopkins electrical engineer Ralph Etienne-Cummings, for instance. Why not a lure you can track with your sonar fish finder? One you can guide to the very fish you want to hook? Hey, if it reports on water temperature, current, the size of the fish and when the bait’s taken, so much the better. Read more.
Media contact: Phil Sneiderman, prs@jhu.edu, 443-997-9907

SPF 2,500 (degrees Fahrenheit)
A spacecraft launched next year will fly far closer to the sun than any previous probe. Job one for engineers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab: Make sure the Parker Solar Probe survives the heat. Read more.
Media contact: Geoffrey Brown, Geoffrey.Brown@jhuapl.edu, 240-228-5618

Safe sleeping for baby
Shantell Roberts knows the scientific evidence that babies are safer in cribs than in their parents’ beds or on other soft surfaces. But the Baltimore social entrepreneur also knows some new parents can’t fit a crib into their cramped living space. The Social Innovation Lab, part of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, has given her $25,000 to support her Portable Alternative Crib, a lightweight cardboard bassinet. Read more.
Media contact: Brian Conlin, brian.conlin@jhmi.edu, 410-955-8230

The nurse will see you now
Diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, disease prevention, health care management, research, policy, app writing, advocacy, and even livestock microfinancing. What, increasingly, nurses do these days. And why. Read more.
Media contact: Danielle Kress, dkress@jhu.edu, 410-955-2840

The science of psilocybin
What experiments with a psychedelic compound are beginning to tell scientists about the mind, the nature of awareness, and – maybe – deepening the human experience. Read more.
Media contact: Vanessa McMains, vmcmain1@jhmi.edu, 410-502-9410

No judgment zone
It goes against the grain, perhaps. But research suggests that giving illegal drug users a safe, supervised place to inject may prevent deaths and save society money. Read more.
Media contacts: Barbara Benham, bbenham1@jhu.edu, 410-614-6029, or Andrea Maruniak, amaruniak@jhu.edu, at 410-502-3373

Itchy and Scratchy … and Owie
Neuroscientists have found that some neurons carry signals for both itch and pain to the brain. This could have implications for understanding how we feel what we feel. Read more.
Media contact: Vanessa McMains, vmcmain1@jhmi.edu, 410-502-9410


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