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MEDIA ADVISORY: Experts Can Discuss Fed Chair Options

Oct. 19, 2017
CONTACT: Jill Rosen
Office: 443-997-9906
Cell: 443-547-8805
jrosen@jhu.edu @JHUmediareps

Janet Yellen’s term as chair of the Federal Reserve is slated to end in February 2018. Speculation is underway about who President Donald Trump might choose to be her successor in the highly influential role leading the central bank of the United States.

Johns Hopkins University has several experts available, all with extensive media commentating experience, to discuss this and any news related to The Fed:

Laurence Ball: An economics professor, a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund, Ball has visited banks including the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England, and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. His research focuses on unemployment, inflation, and fiscal and monetary policy.
More on Ball: http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/laurence-m-ball/
Contact: lball@jhu.edu  or jrosen@jhu.edu, 443-547-8805.

Jon Faust: The Louis J. Maccini Professor of Economics and head of the university’s Center for Financial Economics, Faust is a former assistant director in the Division of International Finance at the Federal Reserve Board.
More on Faust: http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/jon-faust/
Contact faustj@jhu.edu or jrosen@jhu.edu, 443-547-8805.

Jonathan Wright: An economics professor, Wright has also been a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a research fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research and former deputy associate director of the Division of Monetary Affairs for the Federal Reserve System.
More on Wright: http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/jonathan-wright/
Contact wrightj@jhu.edu or jrosen@jhu.edu, 443-547-8805.

Robert Barbera: Barbera, co-director of the university’s Center for Financial Economics, Bindi, and a longtime global economic and financial market forecaster for numerous organizations.
Contact  rjb46@jhu.edu or jrosen@jhu.edu, 443-547-8805.

Alessandro Rebucci: an associate professor at the Carey Business School, Rebucci is an economist and an expert in monetary policy, international finance, and macroeconomics. He has held research and policy roles at the International Monetary Fund and was a Faculty Research Fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
More on Rebucci: http://carey.jhu.edu/faculty-research/faculty-directory/alessandro-rebucci-phd
Contact: arebucci@jhu.edu or Tim Parsons, parson1@jhu.edu, 410-234-9291 or Patrick Ercolano, pae@jhu.edu, 410-234-9296.

Information on broadcast-quality interviews with Johns Hopkins experts on Vyvx or ISDN can be found here.


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