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ADVISORY: Experts Available to Discuss Democratic Campaign for President

March 3, 2020
CONTACT: Douglas J. Donovan
Office: 443-997-9907
Cell: 443-462-2947
douglasjdonovan@jhu.edu @jhumediareps

Johns Hopkins political science professors Daniel Schlozman and Adam Sheingate can speak to the changing contours of the nominating contest.

Two political science professors are available to discuss the Democratic primary contest as voters in 14 Super Tuesday states cast ballots that could either settle which candidate emerges as the favorite to win the nomination or signal a protracted party battle.

Political science professors Daniel Schlozman and Adam Sheingate can discuss the emerging development of Joe Biden as the centrist frontrunner believed to be capable of challenging the far-left frontrunner, Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose Democratic Socialist policies have attracted a loyal following which party leaders fear will repel independents in the election against President Trump.

Daniel Schlozman

Schlozman, author of When Movements Anchor Parties: Electoral Elements in American History, is an expert in how American political parties have been routinely transformed since the Civil War by social movements such as organized labor with Democrats since the New Deal and the Christian Right with Republicans since the 1970’s.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have been challenged by movements inextricably tied to their standardbearers: Trump and Sanders. With the GOP firmly embracing President Trump’s brand of governing, Democratic party leaders worry that Sanders’ ultra-liberal vision will divide the party deeply enough in the general election to hand Trump a second term.

Adam Sheingate

Sheingate, chairman of the Political Science Department, teaches about American politics and institutions and recently co-authored a report called Digital Political Ethics: Aligning Principles with Practice. He is also the author of Building a Business of Politics: The Rise of Political Consulting and the Transformation of American Democracy.

His book details the emergence of a massive political consulting industry that has developed the sophisticated media strategies that now dictate how millions of American voters understand candidates. His research explores the dangers of online campaign strategies that are increasingly disseminating misinformation via social media sites, which are not required by federal law to police the veracity of campaign attacks the way traditional media outlets must.

Schlozman can be reached at 410-516-5882 or Daniel.schlozman@jhu.edu. Sheingate can be reached at 410-516-7531 or adam.sheingate@jhu.edu or by contacting Douglas Donovan.


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