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ADVISORY: Johns Hopkins Experts Available on Anniversary of WFH, SchoolFH

March 2, 2020
CONTACT: Jill Rosen
Cell: 443-547-8805
jrosen@jhu.edu jhunews@jhu.edu

The United States is approaching the one-year anniversary of the pandemic forcing the closure of offices and schools across the country, launching millions of Americans into remote work and schooling.

Johns Hopkins University experts who have been studying the short and long-term impacts of these changes are available to speak about the possible implications of WFH and SchoolFH on the future of work and education.

Available workplace experts will include:

Carey Business School Prof. Rick Smith: An expert in management and organization, Smith can speak about how working from home could have lasting changes for teamwork, innovation, psychological safety, the sense of belonging, and work culture.

21st Century Cities Initiative Director Matthew Kahn: Kahn, also a Bloomberg Distinguished Prof. of Economics and Business, can speak to how working remotely becoming a more widely accepted practice could mean a boon for affordable cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, etc.

Available education experts will include:

School of Education Dean Christopher Morphew: Can speak to learning loss from the remote schooling; varying international approaches to reopening schools; and how schools could safely reopen.

School of Education Vice Dean Hunter Gehlbach: Can speak to social emotional learning and the potentially lasting impact of the pandemic on school children.

David Steiner, Executive Director of Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy: Can offer perspective on varying state responses.

Annette C. Anderson, deputy director of the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools: A partner in the Johns Hopkins School Reopening Policy Tracker, Anderson offers perspective on how to safely reopen schools and lasting implications of remote schooling.

Odis Johnson, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools: A leading researcher of social inequity in America, Johnson can offer perspective on how to safely reopen schools and lasting implications of remote schooling.

Johns Hopkins also has experts on early childhood education and special ed who can speak to how the year away from in-person schooling could likely affect these populations. And experts with suggestions on how to prevent learning loss through tutoring.

To reach an expert, please contact Jill Rosen, jrosen@jhu.edu.


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