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How a Woman With Amnesia Defies Conventional Wisdom About Memory

Johns Hopkins University cognitive scientists say the sharp contrasts in the memory profile of a patient with severe amnesia — her inability to remember facts about pursuits once vital to her life as an artist, musician and amateur aviator, while clearly remembering facts relevant to performing in these domains — suggest conventional wisdom about how the brain stores knowledge is incorrect.

Johns Hopkins Researchers Study Artistic Aspect of Illustrator’s Illness

In an effort to unlock the secrets of the brain and creativity, Johns Hopkins cognitive scientists Barbara Landau and Michael McCloskey are studying Lonni Sue Johnson, an artist who contracted viral encephalitis in 2007.

New Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at Johns Hopkins University

Lloyd B. Minor, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, sent a broadcast e-mail message to faculty and staff members at The Johns Hopkins University on Thursday, June 23, announcing that Dr. Michela Gallagher would be stepping down as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and that Dr. Barbara Landau would succeed Gallagher in a refocused position as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

Ability to Navigate May Be Linked to Genes, JHU Researcher Says

Writing this week in the online Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team led by Barbara Landau, the Dick and Lydia Todd Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science at the Johns Hopkins University, for the first time links genes to our ability to navigate the world.