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Johns Hopkins Carey Business School professor earns inaugural Emerging Scholar Award

Adam Seth Litwin, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, has been selected an inaugural winner of the Emerging Scholar Award in Employee Participation and Ownership. The newly introduced $1,500 award is presented by the Academy of Management, the oldest and largest scholarly management association in the world.

Carey Business School to Target Four Troubled Areas of Economy, Dean Says in His First Major Speech

In his first major speech as the head of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Dean Bernard T. Ferrari announced that the school plans to focus its research and instruction on four troubled areas of the economy – health care; real estate and public infrastructure; the financial services industry; and the national security industry.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Creative: Social Rejection Can Fuel Imagination, JHUCarey Researcher Finds

A new study by a Johns Hopkins University business professor finds that social rejection can inspire imaginative thinking, particularly in individuals with a strong sense of their own independence.

Media advisory: Johns Hopkins business professor available as news source on health care industry

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Associate Professor Douglas Hough is available to speak to journalists as an expert on the economics of health care, including behavioral economics within the health care industry.

Will There Be Blood? Yes, Especially If Donors Are Compensated, New Research Shows

Economic incentives can significantly increase blood donations from the public, according to a new study co-authored by a Johns Hopkins business professor.
The findings also suggest that similar methods could be used to build up life-saving supplies of human bone marrow, organs, and body parts for transplantation.

Untrusting Negotiators End Up ‘Paying a Price’

Why do people from different cultures negotiate in different ways? New research shows that different levels of trust account for these divergent strategies, with negotiators from less trusting cultures engaging in behaviors that lead to poor outcomes.

Bold Packaging Can Sell Products But Also Causes Consumers to Use Less, JHU Professor Finds

It’s a truism of business: Packaging sells the product. But a new study from a team led by Meng Zhu of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has found that the same persuasive packaging that can lead consumers to buy a particular product can also cause them to use less of it once they take it home – thus reducing its long-term sales.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Presents Symposium on Health Care Industry Standards

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, in conjunction with the Food and Drug Law Institute, will hold a symposium, “Issues in Global Health: Advancing Efficiency and Quality through Regulatory Science,” from 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Dec. 2, 2011, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Funding is provided by Johnson & Johnson. Carey professors Toby Gordon and Dipankar Chakravarti are co-conveners of the event.