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Johns Hopkins Experts Available to Discuss Extreme Heat Wave Sweeping the U.S. West

As triple-digit temperatures scorch millions in California and the Desert West, stoking wildfires and exacerbating drought conditions, Johns Hopkins experts can discuss the environmental and health impacts of the heat wave, and how officials can better prepare for the rest of the summer.

New Dinosaur Species Named for Johns Hopkins Postdoc

A new species of dinosaur discovered near Green River, Utah, has been named for a Johns Hopkins University postdoctoral student and her twin sister whose geology work while they were graduate students at Temple University helped define the new species. Named Geminiraptor suarezarum for Marina Suarez, the Blaustein Postdoctoral Scholar in Johns Hopkins’ Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and her twin, Celina Suarez, now a postdoctoral student at Boise State University, the six- to seven-foot-long raptor-like dinosaur with large eyes and dexterous claws is thought to have lived about 125 million years ago, according to Utah’s Bureau of Land Management.