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Johns Hopkins Launches Master’s Degree In Healthcare Education

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July 7, 2011
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Amy Lunday

When it comes to training new workers to address anticipated staffing shortages in American hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, effective educators will play a critical role. To meet the increasing demand for skilled instructors from schools and training programs, Johns Hopkins University is launching its new Master of Education in the Health Professions program this fall.

Representing a unique collaboration of five Johns Hopkins schools – business, education, medicine, nursing and public health – the program is seeking educators and educational researchers in the health professions who want a high quality, part-time learning experience with direct application to their work environment.

The new MEHP program will prepare health professionals for teaching roles through evidenced-based scholarship and practice emphasizing problem-solving, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. According to the School of Education’s Toni Ungaretti, MEHP program director, the need for such a program grew from the rapidly evolving health educational landscape. She said, “The MEHP program will advance the educational knowledge and skills of its participants to help them achieve academic and career success.”

A master’s degree in a related field is a prerequisite for the MEHP program, which will be offered to students in two segments which together will form the master’s degree. The first segment is an 18-credit post-master’s certificate emphasizing the preparation of effective teaching of educators for the health professionals. The second segment is an added 15-credit specialization in either educational research or educational leadership. The combination of the post-master’s certificate and one of the specializations form the master’s degree. These options prepare participants to respectively create, examine and disseminate knowledge related to teaching and learning and effectively develop, implement and fund educational programming. Both the certificate and the master’s degree will be conferred by the School of Education, with one other school of the candidate’s choice jointly represented on the diploma.

In the first year of the program, courses will be offered in a traditional classroom format with Web and technology enhancements. In the second year, the certificate and full master’s degree will be offered in an online format as well to reach a national and an international audience.  Plans for the online program include the addition of a summer residency.

The program will launch its inaugural class in fall 2011.


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