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MEDIA ADVISORY: Class of 2017 arrives at Johns Hopkins

August 26, 2013
Media Contact: Jill Rosen
Office: (443) 287-9960
Cell: (443) 547-8805

Freshman move their belongings onto the Johns Hopkins University campus in 2012.

The No. 1 ranked U.S. water skier. The founder of a sustainable tree farm in Uganda. An opening performer for the band Earth Wind and Fire. A health columnist for Huffpost Teen. An independent filmmaker recognized by the American Film Institute. The creator of a program where corporations donate old computers to disadvantaged schools in India and Sri Lanka.

Meet a few of the students in Johns Hopkins University’s class of 2017.

WHAT: Move-in day for Johns Hopkins University’s freshmen. Over two days, more than a thousand students arrive in Baltimore and start getting to know the campus that will be home for at least the next four years.

WHEN: From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 and Thursday, Aug. 29.

HOW: Student and their families will drive onto campus where orientation staff members will help them check-in. Upper-classmen volunteers will help families unload their cars and bring the new students’ belongings into their dorm rooms.

Fast Facts about JHU’s Class of 2017 (as of Aug. 9):

Total freshman enrollment: 1,320

Number of freshman applicants: 20,614

Number of freshmen admitted: 3,519

Percent Male: 50

Percent Female: 50

Number underrepresented minority students: 289

Percent in Krieger School of Arts and Sciences: 68

Percent in Whiting School of Engineering: 32

Number early decision: 528

Top five states they come from: Maryland, New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Top three countries other than U.S. they come from: Republic of Korea, China, and Canada

Middle 50th percent SAT I combined score: 2030-2240

Mean unweighted academic GPA: 3.76

Among the class of 2017 are 10 Baltimore Scholars, graduates of Baltimore City public schools accepted into the university’s undergraduate programs who receive full-tuition scholarships.

To attend move-in day on the Homewood campus or if you have questions about the Class of 2017, please contact Jill Rosen at 443-287-9960, 443-547-8805 or jrosen@jhu.edu.


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