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Fast Facts: Johns Hopkins University Climate/Sustainability Plan

March 11, 2010
CONTACT: Dennis O’Shea 

Projected JHU CO2 emissions, 2025, assuming “business as usual:”
276,300 metric tons per year

Target JHU CO2 emissions, 2025, under the climate/sustainability plan:
134,700 metric tons per year

Targeted reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025, under the plan:
141,600 metric tons per year (51.2 percent)

Reduction in CO2 emissions by already identified initiatives:
81,000 metric tons (29 percent of total projected “business as usual” emissions in 2025; 57 percent of emissions reduction goal)

Costs and savings:
Initial investment: $73.8 million. Projected savings per year from initial investment: $10.3 million. Total investment and total savings per year by 2025: To be determined.

Examples of CO2 reduction measures:
Co-generation plants
, one at Homewood (spring 2010) and two in East Baltimore (by late 2011). Total cuts of 54,000 metric tons a year (32,000 counts toward the university’s goal; the remainder is attributable to the Johns Hopkins Health System, co-owner of the two East Baltimore plants). Investments of $8.6 million at Homewood and $34.5 million in East Baltimore; total $43.1 million. Combined annual energy cost savings $6.5 million.

Mudd/Levi/Biology East Complex, Homewood campus (air handling and HVAC, lighting control upgrades, weather stripping and optimization of automatic door openers). Cuts 5,315 metric tons a year. Investment, $6.9 million. Annual energy cost savings, $1.19 million.

Ross Research Building, East Baltimore campus (upgrade utility infrastructure and convert HVAC system from constant air volume to variable air volume). Cuts 3,227 metric tons a year.  Investment, $4.64 million. Annual energy cost savings, $640,000.

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