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Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins Experts Available to Discuss Election Topics

Expertise ranges from the economy and healthcare to gun violence and national security


July 26, 2016
CONTACT: Jill Rosen
Office: 443-997-9906
Cell: 443-547-8805
Tracey Reeves
Office: 443-997-9903
Cell: 443-986-4053

The following Johns Hopkins University experts, whose research focuses on such subjects as race, economic policy, inequality, gun violence, law enforcement and health care, are available for interviews during the presidential election season:


Presidential Politics, Political and Social Science, Economics, Race

Steven David, professor of political science, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences: International relations, Middle East. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/steven-david/

Benjamin Ginsberg, the David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Hopkins Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, Krieger School: The presidency, general politics, the Constitution, lying in politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/benjamin-ginsberg/

Daniel Schlozman, assistant professor of political science. Krieger School: American party politics, organized labor, Christian right, general politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/daniel-schlozman/

Adam Sheingate, associate professor of political science, Krieger School: political consultants, politics of food, social policy, the presidency, American politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/adam-sheingate/

Lester Spence, associate professor of political science, Krieger School: Black politics, Black Lives Matter, race and politics, urban policy, American behavior and public opinion. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/lester-spence/

Steven Teles, associate professor, Krieger School: Conservative movement, general politics. http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/directory/steven-teles/

Laurence Ball, economics professor, Krieger School: The Fed, financial markets, unemployment, inflation, Great Recession. http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/laurence-m-ball/

John Faust, Louis J. Maccini Professor of Economics, Krieger School: Economic policy. http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/jon-faust/

Robert Moffitt, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Economics, Krieger School: Welfare, poverty, Social Security, U.S. labor market, wages, population economics and economic demography. http://econ.jhu.edu/directory/robert-a-moffitt/

Andrew Cherlin, Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor of Public Policy, Krieger School: the American family, working-class America, same-sex marriage, demography, social policy. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/andrew-j-cherlin/

Kathryn Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of sociology, Krieger School: poverty, inequality, social policy. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/kathryn-edin/

Stephen L. Morgan, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of sociology: Inequality, educational attainment, Ferguson Effect. http://soc.jhu.edu/directory/stephen-l-morgan/

Nathan Connolly, Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History, Krieger School: Racism, Jim Crow, civil rights, urban and suburban history, presidential history. http://history.jhu.edu/directory/nathan-connolly/

To reach these experts, please contact Jill Rosen at 443-997-9906, (cell) 443-547-8805 or jrosen@jhu.edu


HealthCare and Health Policy, Gun Policy

Gerard Anderson, professor health policy and management, Bloomberg School of Public Health: hospital pricing and costs; the Affordable Care Act; insurance and medical costs; and drug pricing. http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/11/gerard-anderson

Caleb Alexander, MD, associate professor epidemiology, co-Director, Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness, Bloomberg School: opioid use and misuse; prescription drug pricing and existing policy options; and clinical decision-making regarding prescription drugs. http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/2761/caleb-alexander

Colleen Barry, professor health policy and management, co-director Center for Mental Health and Addiction Policy Research, Bloomberg School: mental health, public opinion polling on gun policies, the opioid epidemic, and recreational and medical marijuana issues. http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/2352/colleen-l-barry


Gun Policy and Violence

Daniel Webster, director, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, Bloomberg School: gun policy in U.S.; gun violence prevention research; political climate around gun violence prevention policy; urban gun violence and law enforcement strategies to reduce gun violence http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/739/daniel-webster (Available after August 2)

Jon Vernick, deputy director, Center for Gun Policy and Research, Bloomberg School: gun policy in U.S.; gun violence prevention research; unintentional shootings; court cases involving guns/gun violence. http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/724/jon-vernick

Emma (Beth) McGinty, assistant professor, Center for Gun Policy and Research, Bloomberg School: mental health and gun violence http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/2908/emma-beth-mcginty

Shannon Frattaroli, associate professor, Center for Gun Policy and Research, Bloomberg School: guns and domestic violence; gun violence restraining orders http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/240/shannon-frattaroli

Cassandra Crifasi, assistant professor, Center for Gun Policy and Research, Bloomberg School: gun violence as an occupational health issue; policies to prevent gun suicides http://www.jhsph.edu/faculty/directory/profile/3089/cassandra-kercher-crifasi

To reach these experts, please contact Barbara Benham at 410-614-6029, (cell) 443-703-8851 or bbenham@jhu.edu


Trade, Foreign Policy, Defense, the Economy

Vali Nasr, dean of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS): foreign policy, international relations, Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, South Asia, Islam religion and culture. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/vali-nasr

Mike Plummer, director of SAIS Europe: Southeast Asia, economic development, international trade and finance. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/michael-g-plummer

Eliot Cohen, director of the Strategic Studies Program, SAIS: diplomacy, security, military power and strategy, irregular warfare. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/eliot-cohen

Matthias Matthijs, assistant professor of international political economy, SAIS Europe: global financial crises, European Union and Transatlantic relations, international political economy. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/matthias-matthijs

John Lipsky, senior fellow, Foreign Policy Institute, SAIS: economics, emerging markets, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, international debt, international finance. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/john-lipsky

Filippo Taddei, director of the Bologna Institute for Policy Research, SAIS Europe: economics, international finance, macroeconomics, credit markets, Europe, Italy. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/filippo-taddei

Raffaella Del Sarto, associate professor of Middle East studies, SAIS Europe: international relations, EU foreign policy, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Israel. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/raffaella-del-sarto

Anne Krueger, senior research professor of international economics, SAIS: economics, international finance, trade theory and policy, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/anne-krueger

Chris Arroyo, associate director of the International Economics Program, SAIS: global financial crisis, international financial markets, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/cristino-arroyo

Afshin Molavi, senior fellow, Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute, SAIS: emerging markets, global hub cities, global aviation, geopolitics of energy, the intersection of Middle East states and the global economy. http://www.fpi.sais-jhu.edu/#!Afshin-Molavi-97/c11f3/idt2dl5142

Christopher Sands, director of the Center for Canadian Studies, SAIS: American defense policy, intelligence, energy, security, U.S. Congress and foreign police, U.S. presidency and foreign policy, NATO, NAFTA. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/christopher-sands

Riordan Roett, director of the Latin American Studies Program, SAIS: global financial crises, international financial markets, political risk analysis, developing nations, NAFTA. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/riordan-roett

Daniel Serwer, director of conflict management, SAIS: European Union and Transatlantic relations, peacekeeping, strategic and security issues, nation building and Democratization. https://www.sais-jhu.edu/daniel-serwer

To reach these experts, please contact Stacy A. Anderson at 202-663-5620, (cell) 202-853-7983 or sande100@jhu.edu



Kathleen Day, lecturer, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School: corporate governance, government regulation, financial crises, lobbying and campaign finance, ethics, and crisis communication. http://carey.jhu.edu/faculty-research/directory/kathleen-day-ms-mba

Alessadro Rebucci, assistant professor, the Carey Business School: international finance, applied macroeconomics, and financial institutions. http://carey.jhu.edu/faculty-research/directory/alessandro-rebucci-phd

To reach these business experts, please contact Tim Parsons at 410-234-9291 or parson1@jhu.edu


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